Ted Olsen is an American jazz bassist and composer.

"The sprawling yet cohesive songcraft on Ted Olsen's new album, "Joyfire," attests to why he won an American Composers Forum award five years ago and followed it up as a finalist for the ASCAP Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composers Awards in 2015." - Star Tribune

“Using a breadth of modern jazz influences, [the quartet] focuses on melodic and harmonic inventions within the framework of spontaneous group interplay.”  The result is sustained accessibility throughout, the music surely of the 21st century yet filled with the soulful thrust and energy of classic bebop. Each track has its own momentum, its own distinct story, but the overall mission is the joy of collaborative music-making."- jazzpolice.com

Ted released his début album, Joyfire, in 2017 on Shifting Paradigm Records. Check it out here:


Booking Inquiries: contact@tedolsenmusic.com